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Georgia Godfrey

Founder & CEO

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Our Leadership

A dynamic and visionary corporate affairs executive, Georgia Godfrey brings over 20 years of unparalleled leadership experience.


Recognized for her high-energy, value-driven approach, she has consistently demonstrated her ability to link vision, strategy, logistics management, know-how, and creativity to drive growth and elevate brand awareness in alignment with business goals and on-point brand messaging. Georgia’s career has been marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence, strategic vision, and the ability to drive transformative change.


As Chief of Staff to Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Georgia elevated Dr. Rice’s media presence, developed thought leadership platforms, and significantly increased her market share and brand influence. Additionally, she refined Dr. Rice’s persona and brand image, transitioning her from a formidable stateswoman to a relatable, charitable, and multi-talented domestic affairs expert. Her strategic transformation and growth initiatives amplified Dr. Rice’s brand revenue, increased media mentions annually, and drove a remarkable 600% increase in followers and engagements through a multichannel strategy.


As the founder of Trailblazer Public Relations, she dispensed expert guidance and strategic brand management services to high-profile national and international clients, offering public relations, media event orchestration, product launches, and effective crisis management solutions. Most notably, she crafted and delivered strategic communications after the 2010 BP oil spill to underscore BP’s dedication to environmental cleanup and restitution for the community, environment, and economy.


Before that, she honed her extensive public relations experience as a Senior Strategist for a prominent PR firm. She refined her public affairs acumen while serving with distinction under the Secretary of the US Department of Commerce.


Georgia’s career commenced at the highest level of power—the White House—where she wrangled the White House Press Corps for the President of the United States, George W. Bush, and First Lady, Laura Bush. She directed logistics for national media coverage of presidential events, provided first response to White House Press Corps inquiries, and managed the international press during foreign dignitary visits. She represented the White House Press Office on foreign pre-advances of presidential visits worldwide. Navigating the complex landscape of international and national media established her reputation as a calm and level-headed leader during high-visibility crises.


While her impressive professional career achievements exemplify her valuable leadership abilities and experience, she boasts many diverse interests and talents that add to her life’s enjoyment. In addition to being an accomplished violinist, she had a guest appearance on the NBC show 30 Rock, and she was the Consulting Producer of the PBS documentary film American Creed, a patriotic time capsule of America. She is also known for her unwavering support (aka die-hard fan) for her home team, The Dallas Cowboys—giving the nod to her 100-year-old, family-owned West Texas ranch.


Georgia serves proudly on the board of The Classics for Kids Foundation, empowering young people to shape positive futures through music.

The Foresight Strategies Team Brain Trust

Foresight Strategies builds each service team specific to our client's needs. Each client gets the best of the best top management consultants in the business to fit the needs and demands of our client partners. Unlike other firms, there are no Junior Woodchucks or Paper Pushers. We bring the best to the table at all times.

Some of our top talent consultants are:​​

  • Former Fortune 500 Executives

  • Academics from higher-education institutions

  • Former National Political Administration Officials​

  • National Political Opposition Research and Analysis Executives​

  • Professional Executive Coaches​

  • Marketing Executives​

  • Former National Media Correspondents​​

  • Renowned Photographers and Videographers​​

Foresight Strategies Thinking & Brainstorming
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